Saturday, March 30, 2013

An Easter Egg Tradition

S.O.L. #30/31

My family has always had a unique way of creating Easter Eggs.  It is just a little twist to the normal egg dying process.  We use melted paraffin wax to give a multi-colored effect.  I don't know how this tradition actually started but we have been doing it this way for as long as I can remember.  In fact, if took me a long to figure out that not everyone did it this way.

First , gather the egg dying supplies. 

You will need:
    -  lots of freshly boiled eggs (make sure they are dry but still warm)
    -  the traditional egg dying colored tablets (with a splash of vinegar in each cup)
    -  white/clear paraffin wax
    - small paint brushes
    - clothes or paper towels to dry the eggs (They always end up as pretty as the eggs.)

1.  Begin by melting a small amount of white(clear when melted) parffin wax.
     We've always used what my mom and dad had around that house that they had left over
     from canning.  I bet you could use a few white birthday candles or such. We melt it
     using the double boiler method.  A small pot with the wax inside a bigger pot with a
     little bit of water that you bring to boil or at least until the wax has melted. 

2.  Dissolve your traditional egg dying colored tablets in warm water and a splash of vinegar.

3.  Get one of your freshly boiled eggs.  It needs to still be warm (never cold) but not
     too hot either or the melted wax will just run away.

4.  Dip the small paint brush into the melted wax and apply it to the white egg shell.
    "Paint on" the clear wax in whatever design appeases you.  polka dots,  zig zags,
    names, etc (This area will remain white. )

5.  Now place your egg into one of the colored solutions.   Note: We have learned
     this process works best if you begin with a lighter shade and work through to
     the darker shades.

6.   Take the egg out once it reaches  he desired color. Pat it dry with a paper towel
      or cloth. See the area where you applied the wax stayed white!

7.  Go back to the wax and use the paint brush to "paint" a few more strokes of
     wax onto the now colored (green) egg shell.   These areas will remain

8.  Place the egg into a second color. This time a slightly darker color.  I placed
    it in pink. Do you notice where you applied the wax this time stayed green?

9.  Continue this process with the same egg until it becomes to your liking.
     I dunked mine in blue for the last time.  (kind of came out dark purple)
     But you can still see the pink polka dots left behind. 

Each and every eggs always come out so unique and beautiful and colorful!!!

I was so excited to share this tradition with my children (6 and 2 years old)  this year.
I was beyond excited that they got to do it at Grandma and Papa's house too.

  Thank you mom and dad for making this such a special activity when
I was a little girl. Thank you even more for making it a special memory for
my little boy and girl too.   You have created a tradition that I know will live on
through my children as well!


  1. This is really cool. I had never seen this done and might try it next year. Jackie

  2. Wow-- these are fancy! I would like to try this next year too!

  3. Beautiful eggs and a wonderful family tradition. I have never heard of this way of decorating eggs.Maybe I will be brave one of these years and give it a try. Happy Easter.