Monday, March 11, 2013

Middle of the Night Misery #11/31

Well, after the basement flooded, it got worse. 
Just after my head hit the pillow, I heard faint crying from the other end of the hallway. The whimpering quickly grew to a very upset cry, no words just crying from her bed. I jumped up and so did Dad knowing that this was unusual. I came to her side and immediately sensed she had a fever- a high fever. Never even requesting the thermometer, I instructed my husband to get the Tylenol. He came with Tylenol, cold cloth and thermometer. When my normally ”good medicine taker” refused to drink down the healing liquid, I knew she was sick, sick.
My husband worries.
why is she crying?
what is the matter?
what is hurting?
you have to take this medicine!
we should call the Ask- a- nurse line.

Even though the panic of our minds wants to take over, the internal, instinctual mommy- mode kicked in for me. ( The one that my mom and my older sisters {who are moms} have always possessed)

I just cradled her in my arms and hushed her fussing..... with a story. 
I don’t know how or why a story came to mind. But there was calmness in my voice as I held her and asked, “You wanna hear a story?"  She immediately quieted and nodded.
She released her tension into my arms as I proceed to retell
 "Goldilocks and the Three Bears”
I stroked her head with a cool cloth
                                   as Goldilocks entered the little cottage.
Goldilocks tried the 2 porridges and gobbled up the last of baby bear’s porridge
                           when I got my little “goldilocks” to slurp down all of her medicine (I mean...porridge).
I rocked her in our rocking chair
                                          as Goldilocks tried out each of the 3 rockers.
Finally, Goldilocks rests in the bed of baby bear
                                                   as my little Goldilocks closes her little eyes in my arms.
The story has worked!
Oh my, relief rushes over me. There is still worry and still questions but I have quieted this night time monster that has snuck in and disturbed my sweet little girl.
She woke up again at 5:00am, so we went to her side again. This time I was able to get her temperature taken with the retelling of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff ”103.8 It has never been this high before.

However, I was comforted by being able to channel the mother I have had and the mother that I have always wanted to be.
She needed me...I was there.
She cried....I “shhh”ed.
She was sick.....I comforted
She was distraught......I brought peace and healing
                                              with my presence and my words.

I know motherhood is not always easy but I am glad I was able to me a mom
and do what I could for my little girl.


  1. What a lovely way to recount something that was scary and stressful. I loved how you used Goldilocks and the 3 Bears as a way to help her take her medicine, too. I hope your little one's fever goes down soon!

  2. Oh...those middle of the nights are the scariest to me...I hope her temp has gone down. It was awesome that the stories soothed her sweet little soul. xo

  3. It's amazing how the "Mom thing" is there inside of each of us and how we deal with those times of illness or other problems. Hope your little one is feeling better today and that you get some much needed rest after a stressful night.

  4. Feel better little one, and take care Mom.

  5. Everything seems scarier in the middle of the night. I am always amazed at the power of story. I'm glad you were able to use it to comfort your little girl. I hope she is feeling much better soon.

  6. Oh it's never easy when the little ones are sick. There is so much worry and heartache over their sick little bodies. I hope she feels better soon...for both of you!

  7. I hope the fever has broken and the healing has begun. The fever monster always seems to strike at night. Moms just know how to make it all better.

  8. Here is to your inner wisdom and loving care.

  9. What a day you and your husband had yesterday! Like several others, I am amazed at the power of story. And that you knew to do that. Hopefully your little one is on the road to recovery today!

  10. Sweet babies....and Sweet Mamas are gifts from Heaven.