Sunday, March 24, 2013

Forever and Always----Sister Love

S.O.L. #24/31
When my old sister decided to move to Arizona almost 3 years ago, I was so devastated I didn’t even want to think about it let alone talk about it. I knew I would be emotional even thinking about my closest sister not being here with me especially because I was nine months pregnant with my second child. My sister did everything with me and was even at the birth of my first child. She had been by my side every step of my pregnancy with this baby too. She helped me capture the most special moments by joining me at a peaceful serene lake setting with my 4 year old precious boy to take a few pregnancy photos.

She came rushing to my side when I called her at 4 in the morning to tell her it was time for this little bundle of joy to come into the world.

I think I was in denial until the day I helped her pack up her house and she set out on her 1,000 mile journey to find a new home. It has been three years. I think I was still in denial for the entire first year she was out there hoping she would come to her senses and move back here!
But now I have come to realize this thousand mile distance has actually helped us grow closer. I took a year leave of absence from teaching when my baby girl was born. I was remembering how to be a newborn mommy again but this time much harder because I had a four year old vying for my attention as well. Who do you think was “there” for me? My sister, of course! Even though she was all the way in Arizona, she was never more than a phone call away. She had all the time in the world to sit and chat with me offering advice, consoling my tears, decompressing my stress & fears.
My little ones made homemade cards, colored pictures, painted handprints and sent them to Aunt Tina all throughout the year. Aunt Tina, in turn, mailed little trinkets and gifts to each of my kids making them feel special. We shared many moments through a quick snap of the camera phone lens and picture message because sometimes "a picture is worth a thousand words." Heck sometimes, even though she was in Arizona, she knew more about what was going in our lives than some of our relatives here. She made a point to stay involved. She created the time to travel back to KC about every 3 months. Visiting lots of family but each trip making time to staying at my house intentionally sharing moments with my children.
  Piggy Back Rides
& Painting Piggies!!

As the kids got older, we started to Skype with Aunt Tina. It is amazing how close you can feel through Skype. They play peek-a-boo with each other & make silly faces. She sings songs with them, read books to them. Now my 6 year old is reading books to her. Both kids know how to click the green phone to video dial her and push the plus sign to snap a Skype picture. Skype has helped those relationship bonds hold tight.
  Receiving Precious Letters &Blowing Kisses

Tina- It is ok that you moved to Arizona.
In fact , I am thankful for the experiences that we have shared
because now I know...........
Forever and always
even thousands a miles apart,
you are always in my heart!
Love you Bunches,
your Little Sis XOXO

My sister & I on top of Mt. Lemon in Arizona!!


  1. What a lovely appreciation slice. I hope that your sister will read this.

  2. Your sister/Aunt Tina is a gem. How lucky you are to have her in your life!

  3. Again, I think how blessed the two of you are to have a relationship like this with each other. I love that the two of you have worked so, so hard to maintain your relationship despite the thousand miles that separate you!

  4. Aren't sisters the best? So fun to read how you've managed to keep the relationship with yours close even though the geographical distance is far. I love the picture of the two of you !

  5. Beautiful sentiment and beautifully written! It's wonderful to be able to maintain a close connection even a thousand miles apart! :)