Monday, March 4, 2013

Time for a shot!

Ok so this isn’t about that kind of shot! (Although I might need one but the end of the day--
-just kidding)
I can’t help but write what is weighing on my mind this morning. I guess I should be thrilled that I can wake up this Monday morning and not have to hurry to school. I have the morning off because today is the day that I take my little girl in for her well-child check up.  We’ve been to the doctor plenty of times lately but that was because she was battling one little sickness or the next. She is now finally well enough for the well-child check with usually means it is time for the dreaded shots too! Why do I stress so much over these? I know the overall purpose is for their own good. But man it is hard to explain that to a 2 year old!
I try hard not to project my worries upon her. In fact, she is so innocently asking,  “When do I get to go to the doctor mom?” I want to be truthful with her and let her know that she is getting shots this time when she visits the doctor. (Her older brother evidently wanted to “prepare” her too because he kept “reminding” her that she was getting shots today.)
I am frantically searching the house for anything that I can whip out right after the shocking injections in hopes of capturing her attention and drying up the inevitable tears. I have convinced her dad to join us this time. He has never had to witness this torture. I am hoping that a first-hand eyewitness of his blonde haired blue-eyed baby girl enduring something that most adults cringe over will somehow give him a little more empathy when dealing with her 2 year old “I know -it-all” attitude later.
Wish us luck. For now, I will savor the few moments that we have together is quiet morning.


  1. I remember those dreaded shots. It's never easy even when you know it's for the best. Now my teenager teases me because I almost passed out when she had to get cortisone shots behind her ears. I tell her it would be easier to take the shots myself than to watch her suffer.

  2. Good luck! Those visits were never easy--especially for the Mama!

  3. Oh, I dreaded the shots too! I have twin girls (almost 3) and I remember talking to them on the way to the doctor about getting a shot. I explained that it was medicine for their bodies to keep them healthy and that it would pinch for a second and then be all over. My fear was deciding who would go first - I didn't want the drama queen to totally lose it so that the other one would be afraid. In the end, they whimpered and cried a few tears, but they were brave. I continued to say that too them all day long. Good luck to you!

    1. Yes one twin watching the other would be so hard. They say they can "feel" the others pain too.

  4. Oh so hard to take away those tears because it hurts! Like you said look how many adults hate to get a shot! My pinion lots of their favorite junk food...good luck!

  5. Hope all goes well. Leave it to an older brother to remind her she is getting shots. Will be interested to see how it turns out. I am sure she will do fine....but a bit concerned how her daddy will do.

  6. Well we survived (mom, dad and little Kaitlyn) We were successful with the sucker as a distraction!! I swear she never even felt the first one. However by the 3rd injection I know she felt the burn because she cringed and a few tears appeared in her eyes as she sucked on her sucker. But there was no screaming and crying. She spent the rest of the day being pampered by grandma and papa!

  7. I'm glad you survived. My daughter is also two. While she dislikes shots, they're not as horrible as they were when she was a baby. She cries for a minute now and then gets over it pretty fast. (I'm thankful that all she needs this-coming year is a flu shot in the fall!)

  8. So glad to hear that you all survived! And I agree with you, the hardest thing is not projecting our own fears and worries onto our children! Parenting is the hardest job I have ever done!