Friday, March 22, 2013


S.O.L. #22/31

We are  on the downhill side of this Slice of Life Challenge.  I am so glad that I just did it!  However,  I am not fortunate enough to have a ten day spring break like others to afford me more time to write my slices this last week.  I only have two days off. Enough whining! If I have made it this far, I can finish it out!
After reading a fellow slicers post today about finding a PLN with Twitter, it inspired me to write this post.  Because I feel the same way about the Slice of Life Challenge.  I have celebrated in all of your joys (new babies, getting comments from “real” authors) & and struggles( potty training, not so nice colleagues) & have gleaned SOOO much knowledge! I  have kept a Google Doc of books to read, ideas I’ve gathered, quotes I love  & added many new blogs to read on my blog.
It is like receiving Professional Development every night right in my own living room.  You know that excitement you get from attending an awesome workshop? Well, it feels like that everyday to me after reading everyone’s SOL posts.  It is similar to reading a professional magazine.  I can just peruse the posts/flip the pages until I find a title/article that interests me. But then I get to immediately interact with the author/slicer by commenting.  
It is so much better than Facebook (which is something that I gave up in order t have time to blog) I felt guilty spending so much time just “facebooking” Now for the last month, when my husbands enters the room and sees a computer on my lap and asks, “Are you facebooking?”
I can reply confidently, “No, I am blogging” (which everyone know is serious work! )

After March 31, I don’t think I will keep up blogging everyday.( It think I will try Michelle’s 10 year journal)   But I am planning to post on Tuesdays @  TWT.  I think I am actually going to miss it.  


  1. I like the way you see this challenge as professional development. Getting writing teachers to simply write every day is definitely professional development. And then to add the wisdom and resources of so many smart teachers - it is truly a learning experience.

  2. So glad you decided to Slice. I totally agree with you, it's great professional development, and a great community of writers. I've done it for a few years and sometimes it's hard to write every day for a month. I blog three or four times a week, including the Tuesday slice. That's easier to manage!

  3. I'm feeling the same way about the challenge. It's been hard some days, but always rewarding. I've found new blogs to follow & a new Tuesday community.