Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Writing on the.......


S.O.L. #26/31

            Ahhh! Yeahh!! That is the feeling I get when my 2 year old little year crawls up into my lap cluthing her pencil and paper asking, "Mommy, do you know hoew to make a K? Show me how to make a K."  She's ready to absorb, ready to learn. These are the  moments to be savored, tiny momnets of acquisision that  shape who she is.
            I wasn't even aware that she knew so many letters of the alphabet until we were waiting in the doctor's office.   I got a pen from my purse (not wanting her to touch the toys or books in the exam room) and I began writing on the paper that covers the examination table.  Soon she was shouting out the names of the letters as I wrote them. Astonishingly, she could recognize 20 out of 26 letters!  All those repeat readings of her favorite board books, assembling alphabet puzzles thousands of times, "playing" games on starfall.com & watching the letter factroy DVD has its effect.
              She is now gripping a pencil properly and scrawling these letters herself.  Just last night, at the dinner table she asked, "How to you write MOM?" So I called out the letters and she moved her hand in the up down, up down motion forming an M on the napkin.  Then she eagerly wrote the "O". That one's easy because she plays tic-tac-toe with her older brother and always gets to be "O"s.  Then again she formed a mountain to make the last "M".  There is was .......MOM !! My 2 year old has written MOM on the napkin before me.  Priceless!!
             My husband was surprised that I didn't snap a picture or save it for the baby book.  Maybe it is because I can already sense the inner writer in her and I know there will be more where that came from!!!      Let's just hope it isn't on my walls!! I'd probably still frame it! :)


  1. Wow, wow, wow! 20/26 letters and a word besides is impressive for a two year old. Some kids enter school at age 5 not knowing nearly this many letters! Hurray for all of the board books, and puzzles, and DVD's and all the hard "work" you put in helping her learn and play her way into literacy!

  2. I love the way you wrote this with all of the tiny actions. I could really see it.

  3. Little sponges! My daughter was like that with letters and words and writing - just ate it up. But my son...No thanks, I will be over here blowing up Legos if you need me.