Friday, March 1, 2013

Forget the Tight Abs

I guess I am going to try this blogging thing. I am considering it a personal challenge.  I have had high hopes  of starting to exercise, do yoga or something like that but that has never happened. Those tasks require getting up and doing something. Blogging, however, I think I can do that. I like to talk and this is just like talking with my fingers. I am hoping blogging will come as easily for me as talking does.
Blogging doesn’t require me to get off the couch, and it doesn’t take too much energy.  I can keep my laptop perched on the arm of the couch while my kids are playing right here in front of me.  I can still listen to American Idol or Gold Rush. The best part; no special attire is required. In fact, I hear that sweats are the standard!
Why I want to blog----I want to capture some of the moments of my life that I find precious, priceless and sometimes hilarious. These are the small things that we typically forget in a few weeks.
I also want to practice doing what I ask my students to do. I want to experience real writing and be able to help them overcome hurdles that they may encounter while writing. I figured the best way to know how to guide them will be having trekked the same path.
By blogging, I will be stretching myself in a new way. I already journal on the computer,  jotting down a few short moments of my life.  So why not stretch myself into taking it to the next level?  It may not be a “down-dog” stretch. But it will be a stretch for me, never the less. I hope it is a way for me to grow professionally and personally .
  I am sure I could make a lot of excuses why not to do it...... I don’t know how to blog...... I don’t have time to blog. What is in it for me? Who would want to read my blog? Do I want people reading my thoughts?
  But I am choosing to focus on the positive and JUST DO IT! I will just have to find a new way to get tight abs.


  1. "Talking with my fingers," what a fun way to describe this writing. I LOVE it! Yes, this is a way to take the walk we ask students to do daily. Keep the fingers talking!

  2. Words that struck me...
    "experience real writing and be able to help them overcome hurdles that they may encounter while writing"
    This is what inspired me last year and the reason I am still writing this year-walking the walk is important!

  3. Welcome to the challenge! I really like the line, "I also want to practice doing what I ask my students to do." This is so important for all of us to experience. Thank you for sharing - as I read your post, I found myself holding in my abs...maybe I'll add a second goal to this month. :-)

  4. This is my first year slicing, but I've kept a book blog for my classroom for several years. I love the community that is created by taking part in the SOL challenge. My students have blogs, too, and this is the type of community I want to create for them.

  5. What a fun blog! You stated the same concerns I have as this is my first year doing this. It feels good to not feel alone with these thoughts, so thank you. Your words are entertaining and easy to read.

  6. Congrats on starting a blog! I completely agree about it being a much more appealing form of exercise than something that requires you to get up and go. :)
    Welcome, and have fun!

  7. So glad that you have decided to join the blogging/SOL community. I've been doing it for 4 or 5 years and have met some of the nicest people online. And I totally agree with you- it's so important that we as teachers engage in the same kinds of writing that we are asking our students to do. Happy slicing!

  8. Oh, man. Only if blogging gave us tight abs . . . (sucking in my gut right now -- and release).

    Welcome and happy writing!

  9. Great job...Action, you are in action! It all starts with starting, wether it be blogging or jogging. I think blogging is jogging your memory!! Lol maybe e can suck in or tummy and do some leg lifts while we write. We are multi taskers!