Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kaitlyn's comedy

S.O.L. #27/31

Here are just a couple of moments with my 2 year old daughter this week that I wanted to be capture so we can be sure to look back in a few years and chuckle. 

We had an incident  with the crayons, (I blogged about earlier "peeling the paper")  I asked her to come help  mommy pick up all of her crayons that had dumped out on the floor.  I "threatened", "If I pick your crayons, then they will be mine and I will put them up, far, far away." She calmly replied, "Ok, I have mawkers."  Grrr..

I picked her up from daycare and the day care teacher told me that Kaitlyn said she was excited to get a tattoo.  My head cocked with curiousity to hear the rest of the story when the teacher said she asked her, 'Does you mommy have a tattoo?".  Kailtyn matter of factly answered, "Yes." ( No I don't! My eyes began to bug out as I looked at the teacher to hear her continue. The teacher said, " Oh she does? Wow." To which Kailtyn explained further, "Yeap, up in the cabinet!" (whoo! she only knows about temporary tattoos! relief)

I picked her up from daycare and the daycare teacher approaches me to relay to me another "story" Kaitlyn told her. 
Teacher: "Does your dad live with you?"
Kaitlyn: No. (Yes he does! I was thinking infactically.)
Teacher: "I thought he did.  He goes to work but doesn't he sleep at your house?"
Kaitlyn: "No, mostly he sleeps in the woods!"
(You have to know my hunter husband to know who completely funny this was.  He spends a lot of time in the woods and I am betting he occassionally catches some ZZZZZ's there too..)

Oh the joys of a two year old who likes to talk.....What is to come?


  1. When I taught kdg, I used to get tall tales like these. I always had to giggle when talking with the kiddos and then the parents later! Good stuff!

  2. She is such a funny little girl! A mama with tattoos and a daddy who sleeps in the woods! I bet the preschool teacher gets a big kick out of her!

  3. Oh I'm visualizing a mama with tattoos and a daddy who sleeps in the woods! How funny! You never know what they are going to say! Kids say the darndest things!