Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow party poem

 mittens wearing
snow pants gearing

boots preparing
sled a’carrying
hill awaiting
racers gating

   slipping, sliding,
crushing, slushing
snowballs bashing
children laughing

red cheeks glaring
bonfire raring

hot dogs roasting
toes a' toasting
cocoa steaming
         gleaming :)


  1. Oh this was so cute! I can't rhyme my poems at all, but this was completely adorable. What a beautiful family you have.

  2. You ARE a poet! This was joyful to read! Well done.

  3. Oh, I love this!I just shared it with my sixth graders and now you have them pining for snow and hot cocoa!

  4. I believe that there is a poet hiding out inside of you...and she escaped! I enjoyed the flow of the words. My favor stanza is "snowballs bashing children laughing." It reminded my of snowball fights with my brothers.

  5. This snow party rocks! I love it - action packed for sure!

  6. oh Thank you everyone. You have no idea how much courage it took and how stupid I thought it might be (guess I know how it feels for my students to try something new) Seriously, thank you for all of the kind words---it is amazing how good a little praise feels to the soul!!

  7. That was awesome! You are a natural. Keep the courage coming, it works well for you!

  8. I always knew that you could do anything that you took a notion to. All this just proves it. That is why you are so awesome as a teacher, parent, wife, daughter and the sweetest little girl I know next to Kaitlyn.