Monday, March 18, 2013

The Wedding "Helper"

S.O.L. #18/31  The Wedding “ Helper”

This weekend I had the privilege of helping in many aspects of my sister’s stepson’s wedding.
Rewind a couple days prior to the wedding:
I showed up at my sister’s house to help her with wedding decorations and the groom’s cake she was making. Even though I have very little experience with any of these elements .I jumped right in with

fondant, petal dust, royal icing, modeling chocolate

That was one "ROCKIN'" groom's cake.

Fast forward to the day of the wedding:
I arrive at the venue early Saturday morning to help my sister prepare and decorate prior to the “big” event later that afternoon.
Twinkle lights, sparkle fabric, black backdrops, table covers, candles,flowers

I quickly became an “expert” at a multitude of various tasks. Somehow I was able to answer random questions and requests during the few hours before the ceremony.
Me: “Yes! I know how to use the steamer and can steam that veil for you.”
(Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?)

   Me:. Sure, I can steam a wedding dress............... while it is ON the bride!

Me: Water and snacks for the bride? I got it! (This one is easy.)

Me: No problem. I can take and rock the crying baby since it is her naptime. (said unassuredly)  

Me: Yes I can whip those gigantic cans of green beans open with this industrial sized can opener. (somehow)

Me: Oh, Let me lift that massive pan heaped with ham out of the hot oven for you. (Grunt....groan)

Me: Sure I can blanch those vegetables. (Tell me again what “blanching” means.)

Me : I am sure I can figure out how to assemble chafing servers.
(I just hope no one was watching as I switched out the pans when the water began to overflow)

Me: Light the Sterno flames under the chaffing servers? Sure. Where’s the lighter?
(We have the fire department on standby..don’t we?)
It felt wonderful being able  work along the sidelines and be at the beck- and -call for whoever
 needed a helping hand.  After all was said and done, despite my inexperience,
the wedding turned out magical!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs. Crockett!!!
Here's to ......Happily Ever After!!!!!!


  1. How fun. Looks like you did a great job. Love the way you shared the event.

  2. Wow. You really were a Jill of all trades and so gracious in sharing your time and talent. Your slice took us through the day with you and helped us appreciate each task :).

  3. What a fun read. I have experienced being the helper of such events and felt like I was right there with you. I do say...that cake would have been way beyond my ability. What a cool cake...and the picture at the end...all the work was worth it. Beautiful. Jackie

  4. Sounds like a terrific weekend, and I am absolutely sure your sister and her family really appreciated your help! Loved, loved, loved your parenthetical comments-- sooo funny! Thanks for a good laugh!

    1. Thank you. This day was all about "Fake it til you make it!" I know they appreciated it--and they are always there for me too!!