Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Easter Sunday poem

S.O.L. #31/31

                                           It was a ..

picnic packing,

                     jelly bean snacking

eggs a hiding,  

                        children finding

                                                                                    kind of Easter Sunday.

                                              It was a .....

playground playing,

                        grass a laying.

soccer ball kicking,

                                 chocolate lip licking
                                                                   kind of Easter Sunday.

                                           It was a .......

sunshine shining,

                 scooter riding

wind whipping,

                         kite tails flipping

                                                                 kind of Easter Sunday. 

                                             It was a ........

family strolling,

                       hands a holding

lake waves lapping,

                            children laughing

                                                                 kind of Easter Sunday.  


  1. Great poem! I love the way you played with the words! Absolutely perfect! Glad you had a good Easter!

  2. I love the poem...and how together your family is enjoying the wonderful day. xo

  3. Your poem is fun, the day seems special as well.

  4. Your poem is precious! Thanks for sharing your art with the world.