Monday, March 25, 2013

Peeling the Paper

S.O.L. #25/31

        I don't know why she does it and it isn't a big deal to me. But it drives my
 husband crazy. Our 2 year old daughter......... peels all of the paper off of her
crayons before she uses them. 

         Just like any other house with youngsters, we have a tub full of crayons. 
Most broken, some only nubs. Rarely is there a full length, papered crayon complete
 with sharp tip.  She enjoys scribbling a few lines on various pages in her coloring
book.  She has just learned the art of tracing around the outline of the figure before
she attempts to color within the lines. 

        Honestly, I'm just thankful that she's never offered to use her crayons on
anything other than her coloring books or paper.  I'm glad that she is keeping
 herself entertained quietly. But my husband is annoyed everytime he witnesses her
 bring the papered crayon up to her mouth to unravel it. Or when he enters a room
and discovers tiny pieces of partial curled, primary colored, paper parts scattered
randomly under the Little Tikes table and chair. 

         I thought I had devised the master plan when I tried to entice her into picking
up the bucketload of crayons and paper pieces that had dumped out on the floor with the threat of....."Oh, Kaitlyn, come help pick up your crayons.  If mommy picks them up, they
are mine and I will put them up-- far, far away." She calmly, cooly and collectedly
 replied, "It's ok. I have markers!"

        Grrr! See why I don't even try?
             Guess I will just have to buy a DustBuster. :)


  1. Funny! She is one smart little cookie! Hope you are collecting these stories for her somewhere! She can read them when she grows up and has a crayon peeler of her own!

  2. Too cute! That takes some very good fine motor skills to be able to do. Good for her!

  3. This is cute. I can honestly say this is something that would annoy my husband too -- they just aren't as patient as we are. :) She knows the score though and can keep her eye on alternative creative materials. That's classic! I'm smiling...

  4. I love her response! You can't keep a good girl down.

  5. Such an adorable post. She must think that is just how it is done. You have to unravel the color underneathe and then put it to the page. So cute.