Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ankle deep..... #10/31 SOL


Tonight as I was sharing giggles and watching Kaitlyn use her new fingerpaints in the bathtub,
my husband rushed upstairs and announced that our basement had flooded!!!!

What? How on Earth?
Yeap, 6 inches of water-standing all over the entire basement.
Oh geez!

I put the kids to bed and went down to see the damage for myself
But first I gave myself a pep-talk.
Well, what’s done is done. You can’t undo it.
It is only stuff. No need to stress over it.
 You can’t change it.

But it doesn’t stop me from being mad at myself----
Why didn’t you have everything picked up, put up?
Many things were in tubs but why didn’t you  have everything in storage tubs?
Why didn’t you make sure that the sump pump had a back up alarm?

As the pump is now plugged back in and sucking the water out of the basement,
I can’t help but wonder what got wet.
What is damaged? What will I have to surrender?

…. old photos? scrapbooks? yearbooks?

….luggage? baby bed? stuffed animals?

…..Christmas trees and wreaths?  Decorations and wrapping paper?

…...high school momentos? college binders?

…...books? puzzles? games?

…...gun safe (I thought those were water proof) filing cabinet?

Guess I won’t know the answers to those questions until tomorrow.
I will keep that pep talk going and let go of the wonders and worries.

I wanted the basement clean anyway!


  1. You're amazing that you kept your cool and you even managed to post.

  2. Oh dear! So sorry! What a great attitude, though!