Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Loving the S.O.L

SOL #13/31
Wow! The best part of joining the Slice of Life Challenge has been the learning I have done. I have only scratched the surface but I love how this commitment to the SOL has forced me to peruse all these posts every day. I read several posts and try to comment on several each day . Then I end up linking to someone’s blog and reading more. Then I click on a site they have shared. I could go on for days! I am hooked.!! Generally, I can’t stop reading and commenting long enough to do my own writing. The reading is where the learning lies however. There is just so much more for me to absorb than there is for me to share.

The folks I am connecting with are amazing and from across the world. I am chatting with reading specialists, instructional coaches, literacy gurus, professional development leaders, authors, writers. Overall amazing people that I would probably never have the opportunity to meet otherwise.
I am getting a sneak peek into their lives.
I am getting to hear their thinking.
I am getting to read their work.
I am getting to understand their philosophies.
I am thrilled to be a part of it. It feels like it is elite and exclusive. I am so glad to be included. It is causing me to broaden my horizons, try new things, reflect on my philosophies, and refine my teaching.
I thought staying up late or getting up early to blog would cause to me drag during the day. But it actually has given me a pep in my step.
Thank you Ruth, Stacy and all of the bloggers!


  1. I think you speak for many people here! It takes time and energy, and eats into my sleep while I try to construct a half-decent piece of writing and still get my school work done, but it give me energy too. You're right on with everything you say here! :)

  2. It is always exciting to hear how other people do things. It is great how many share openly. I am always learning something new. I'm glad you are here.

  3. I have been slicing for about five years and have "met" so, so, so many great people! I love, love, love reading people's slices, seeing how they write about different topics, and peeking into people's lives.