Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Kindergartener's gift-Thank you, Mr. Espey

Dear Mr. Espey,
Thank you so much for being so gracious as you accepted a “painted stick” as a gift from my kindergarten son. You should know, since the beginning of school he has noticed that you did not have a music baton to use while conducting music in class. He came home and inquired about where he could buy one. He frequently asked me if we could get you one.
Meanwhile, he proceeded to write a book about you, The Music Teacher from the Black Logoon. (Don’t take offense, The Black Logoon books are his favorite!!) So he made up all sorts of astonishing things that might happen in music class and (with a little help) made his own version of the book starring....Mr. Espey!
Anyway, after some time, he decided he was just going to make you a music baton. He thought long and hard and wished for the perfect stick. One day, he came bursting in the house with the perfect length, straight-as -an -arrow stick. He begged to be allowed to get out the paint. After trying to cover the stick with black tempera paint and realizing it wasn’t covering well, he convinced his dad to find and use a can of spray paint to cover it all black. Then next morning he painted the tip white. I honestly never thought that thing would make it to school. But he remembered it and devised a plan to get it to school safely. (He was worried that the bus driver wouldn't allow a stick on the bus.) I am guessing that it made it to school in one piece. Because when he came home, he was all excited to tell me about giving you the “baton”. I asked “Did he like it?” He said, “Yes” in an “of-course-he-liked-it “kind of way. Then added, “He gave me a such a big hug I could hardly breathe!” He continued, “Mr. Epsey said he would use it the next time I came to music class.” My son would have been satisfied with your “thank you” as appreciate enough for the gift. But you really made this boy’s day when you actually used your new “baton” to conduct his music class the next day.
Mr. Espey you are where you need to be! Your love of music and children is very evident. Thank you for spreading the love! :)
                                                                 Michael's Mom
So teachers- Let us remember:


  1. What a sweet, sweet story. Both your son and Mr. Epsey sound like real treasures! Love him painting the stick, then having his daddy get out the spray paint and do it again. And of course every baton needs a white tip! Then getting it to school on the bus! What a great story! You are going to give this to Mr. Epsey, aren't you?

  2. What a wonderful story. I love all the detail and the freedom you gave your son to create this special gift for his music teacher. Your son sounds very resourceful. I agree with Carol, Mr. Espey definitely needs a copy of this Slice.

  3. That was a thoughtful gift, I am sure Mr. Espey will conduct many classes with this treasured baton!

  4. Wow great story. Yes it's so nice that this young boy can create what is extraordinary from nothing and he has a mom and dad to support his thoughts and efforts without squashing them!

  5. So beautiful...made me cry. I have teachers that have stayed with me for over 50 my heart. And I'm sure there are children that have stayed with teachers for a lifetime.