Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Little Miss Teacher

S.O.L. #20/31

All I have ever done is take care of and teach children.  Even as a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. .  I was set up to teach too.  With a desk and all the office supplies you could dream of, I had classroom in every room of our house.  I even had a  huge 6 ft chalkboard with the uppercase alphabet strung across the top of it in  alternating primary colors. Having  14+ nieces and nephews I always had someone to be my student.  
When I was a middle schooler, my mom ran a daycare at the local bowling alley.  Since it was after the school day, in the evenings, I went to work with her often and was eager to be a “teacher” to those young children.  My mom claims I stood up on the table to create my own stage to entertain/teach all of the kids.
My very first job, right out of high school, was teaching 2 year olds at a local daycare. I loved it!! (all but the diaper changing:) It was here that my desire to become a teacher solidified.  Those precious little ones were sponges eager to absorb anything I put before them.  They mimicked all of my fingerplays and songs. They mastered their alphabet and listened intently as I read tons of picture books (the local library was next door) to them.  I realized my impact on little lives and knew that teaching is what I wanted to do.  I narrowed my college focus to elementary education.  Then reluctantly left my precious little ones at daycare to enter the school setting in order to determine if I was really cut out to handle elementary aged children.  I accepted a position in a school district as leader of the before and after school child care program.  I  attended college during the day and worked  with the school agers before and after school.   I loved it as well!! I took part in planning and preparing  many fun crafty projects to kept the kids busy, engaged and having fun after-school.   The program ran all day during the summers too.  So we went on my many field trips to lots of interesting places.  I soon recognised that I could handle the logistics and leadership of being in charge of 100+ students.  I truly enjoyed my experiences and  being with kids each and everyday!
Soon I graduated and  worked with two master teachers as a paraprofessional until I finally received a position teaching 4th graders!! That was 13 years ago and I am still with my fourth graders at the same school!!! Guess I am not smarter than a 5th grader!! I love teaching. Learning and Children are my passion.  It is also the only thing I know! Hope I never have to get a “real job”! I love my students!!!


  1. Everyday is something new and unexpected. That's why I love teaching! Glad you do too!

  2. What a nice story. This would make a nice entry in a collection of entries about how teachers became teachers. I'd bed that many of us started out teaching school in our own basements to siblings and relatives. ; )

  3. Yes, you were meant to be a teacher from the beginning. Anyone who can handle 100 students...well, I would say that is being smarter than the average college grad...or PHD...or...well, that takes a lot of talent to be able to plan and work with so many students. You students must feel a strong connection with you...they can feel that positive loving energy you have for your work with them. How lucky they are. Jackie

  4. Your story brings back memories from my childhood where I lined up my stuffed animals in a "classroom." I took a detour during and after college before coming back to teaching. Your students are lucky to experience your passion and enthusiasm.